People First Approach™

The foundation of MMS is people.  A group of dynamic industry leaders, with superior expertise is MMS’s most valuable asset.  

The People First Approach™ (PFA) is the core of the business and at the center of its culture.  With that, MMS is proud to offer industry-leading benefits package, which includes:

  • 100% Company-paid Health Care for Employees & Families
  • Employer Funded 401k at 10% of Base Salary
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Dental and Vision Family Coverage (Coming 2018)
  • Life Insurance (Coming 2018)

Aggressive Compensation Considerations

At MMS, aggressive compensation considerations are a key driver in building the total compensation for each employee.

Industry leaders and experienced professionals demand compensation levels commensurate with experience and expertise. MMS is looking for technology trailblazers to drive innovative, modern solutions using the latest technology for our clients.  If you are a recognized industry leader, experienced professional or recent college graduate, MMS will work with you to ensure your personal value is fully compensated. MMS’s People First Approach™ (PFA) will ensure your value during compensation discussions and employee categorization alignment.

Each MMS employee will be appropriately aligned to bring out the best in the employee and MMS. There are 3 Employee Categories at MMS that align to experience, expertise as well as responsibility:

Employment CategoryQualifiersRepresentative Titles
AssociateAdmin, Jr., Sr.Receptionist, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Analyst
Senior LeaderProgram Manager, DirectorProgram Manager, Director, Chief Scientist, Chief Engineer

Senior Leaders and Officers sometimes participate in Profit Sharing Agreements aligned at the Program/Team level.  MMS feels that with Profit Sharing Agreements, employees creating direct impact** to the organization are fairly compensated for that impact.   
** As defined in a formal Profit Sharing Agreement between PM’s, Directors, Officers & MMS.